1. BLC Köln

Köln, Germany

German Indoor Lacrosse Team from Cologne, Germany. The German Indoor Lacrosse League was established in 2017. Since then the Indoor Lacrosse Team from Cologne won the German Championship three times. Indoor Lacrosse is growing constantly in Germany. The European Championships will be played in Hannover, Germany in 2022.

1 Tilo Fuchs
10 Lenny Nöring
20 Philipp Brož
37 Michael Wolter
41 Dominik Rosauer
45 Rhys Pettigrove
Tim Wunderlich
Justin Wismer
Konstantin Bunte
Patrick Lauinger
Philip Meißner
Tim Löffler
Valts Grasis
Adrian Papantonopoulos
Leon Weßling
Coach: Jesse Cox
Assistant: Erin Pettigrove
Assistant: Emily Meyer
Assistant: Leonie Nitz
Assistant: Ivana Just
Assistant: Nathali Broz