Budapest Stags


Jersey colors/barva dresů: Black

Contact person: George Rohonczy

The Budapest Stags are the box lacrosse training team for Hungary Lacorsse. Many of these players will be representing Hungary at the next World Lacrosse Box Championships in Utica. There is a great mix of talent and experience with this group. Some players have been playing box lacrosse for over a decade, while for others this is their first major box lacrosse tournament.

1 John Zsamboky
3 Curtis Fellenz
4 Dávid Fürész
10 Peter Gudmundsen
12 Márton Gaál
15 Jason Rozembersky
16 Dylan Portnoy
19 George Rohonczy
22 Nathan Twisk
24 Brad Jones
27 Benedek Juszkó
36 Thomas Shemon
46 Balázs Kuzmich
56 Mike Bagi
69 Ágoston György
77 Karsten Nyarady
91 László Bajnóczy
99 Bence Cserkuti

Head Coach Brad Jones
Assistant Coach Curtis Fellenz

Team sponsors/sponzoři: Powell Lacrosse