Box Monkeys

BXM 300x300

Lahti, Finland

Contact person: Joni Jalvanti

From the wild rainforest of Lahti comes this rare spiece of Box Monkey. Some of us are still living in trees but our normal playground is inside the box on a wet turf. Diet of a Box Monkey usually contains different kinds of drinks, actually some has described us as “Beer Monkeys”. But we sure can ball too! Box Monkeys are usually not afraid of humans, so come to say hi ang grab colds with us. We are looking forward to have lots of fun, meeting old and new friends and of course quality lacrosse.

15 Joni Jalvanti
16 Simon Kuusisto
22 Juha Pajunen
23 Samu Saatsi
25 Samuel Aaltonen
27 Arto Vilander
33 Pauli Nieminen
42 Valtteri Virtanen
49 Juho Aaltonen
50 Martti Laakso
53 Veeti Ylioja
57 Benjamin Kaufmann
60 Lassi Laitinen
67 Lassi Nieminen
77 Kalle Hukkanen
81 Vinski Nipuli
84 Jirka Noponen
88 Marc Krummenacher