GSI Grizzlies

Grimstad, Norway
Contact person: Erik Ehlis

GSI Grizzlies started in 2011 and is attached to the University of Agder. The team has primarily been a field team but in 2016 Grizzlies decided to transition into a box lacrosse team, pioneering into being Norway’s first box team, and is constantly trying to convince more teams in Norway to find its way to the rink.

3 Joar Varpe
4 Kristian Staysman
8 Fredrik “FF” Bjønnes
10 Even Vardaasen
13 Klaus Martin Holtgaard
16 Lars “Lava” Lavalette
17 El Jostein Gaardløs
20 Erik Ehlis
23 Frikk “Rocky” Bakken
26 Anders Rui
28 Sondre Glimsdal
36 Jonas “Lille-Jostein” Lierstuen
44 Morten “Panzer” Rolstad
50 Kristoffer Sand
57 Haoi Vu
61 Alexander Lundhaug
69 Lars Schøyen
96 Tale Solfjeld
97 Oscar “LacrOscar” Valldal
Social Media: Tyrkern Røegh

Frank Menschner Cup history
2018: 12th place