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Tournament Rules & Playing System

What are the rules of the Frank Menschner Cup? Find out here.

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Official FIL rules are applied with few modifications.

As the tournament is also a promotion of the game of lacrosse to the public and media we ask all players to play fair and within the rules and spirit of sportsmanship.

Playing system of 2024

All teams start in one round-robin group. Each of them plays four games against various opponents. Team standings after their four round-robin games are decisive for the play-off settings. All round-robin games will be played using the following scoring system: A maximum of five points total will be awarded as follows: period win – one point, period tie – half point, win the game – two points, tie the game – one point.

The game can end with a tie.

The following criteria decide the team standings in the round-robin group:

The play-off playing system will be set when we know the final number of participating teams.