Red Team Custodes Gained the FMC 2022 Trophy

Both Radotín home teams met in the Frank Menschner Cup 2022 final. Custodes in red were slightly better in this game and won 8:5.

Busy European lacrosse summer with the European Box Lacrosse Championship and U21 World Lacrosse Championship was one of the reason that there were only 9 teams competing in the tournament this years. Also, teams from Bratislava, Vienna and Berlin decided to save a weekend after considering their travel plans for the National Box Lacrosse League. Anyway, colourfull mix ot teams from the USA and Europe met in Radotín and enjoyed a relaxed and easy going lacrosse event with a lot of lacrosse.

All teams played four games against various opponents in the round-robin part of the tournament. After this it war obvious that home Czech teams will occupy the semi-final spots. Following pairs pop up after counting of all points LCC Wolves vs TJ Sokol Zbraslav and LC Custodes vs. TJ Malešice.

Zbraslav was able to be equal opponent to Wolve only in the first period. Wolves prevailed then and won 16:6. Malešice were much tougher nut to be cracked. The game against Custodes was tight after two periods and Malešice took the lead then. But Custodes ignited their scoring machine finally and with 6 consecutive goals took the victory 10:5.

The bronze medal game was the tournament highlight. Highly motivated teams perfomed a dramatic show to frenetic crowd. Malešice were in lead 4:1 after two periods but Zbraslav tied and Radek Skála scored the winner in about one minute before the final whistle. Malešice were not able to respond, so Zbraslav celebrated their first big tournament success.

Custodes then overscored Wolves in the home final game with calm family athosphere.

Final standings
1. LC Custodes
2. LCC Wolves
3. TJ Sokol Zbraslav
4. TJ Sokol Malešice
5. Oslo Ragnarok
6. Bang City
7. Box Monkeys
8. Prague Sports
9. Polish Eagles

Individual Awards
The best offensive player:
Lukáš Kučera (LCC Wolves)
The best defensive player: Matěj Melichar (TJ Malešice)
The best transition player: Lukáš Cikhart (TJ Sokol Zbraslav)
The best scorer and MVP of the tournament according to points (stats): Dominik Pešek (LC Custodes, 40 points/26 goals)
The best goalie: Ondřej Hájek (TJ Malešice)

The Frank Menschner Cup 2023 will be held on August 31–September 2, 2023.

The Frank Menschner Cup 2022 will be held on September 1–3

We are looking forward to welcoming lacrosse players from the world to the 7th Frank Menschner Cup. At this moment we are receiving confirmations from teams. The interest is quite high and we hope there will be an opportunity for all to play new opponents and enjoy a pleasant tournament. If you are interested in joining the tournament contact us at

Custodes are FM Cup 2021 Champions

Home LC Custodes won the final game against Old Dogs Plzeň 12:7 and became the tournament champions. Young Zbraslav team finished third after thrilling bronze medal game against another tournament newcomer, Berlin Spreewölfe.

Final Standings
1. LC Custodes
2. Old Dogs Plzeň
3. TJ Sokol Zbraslav
4. Berlin Spreewölfe
5. BLC Köln
6. Brooklyn Dodgers
7. TJ Malešice
8. SK Lacrosse Jižní Město
9. LCC Wolves
10. Bats Bratislava DNV
11. Polish Eagles
12. Vienna Monarchs

Individual Awards
The best offensive player: Tomáš Procházka (LC Custodes)
The best defensive player: Matthias Lehna (Berlin Spreewölfe)
The best transition player: Jaroslav Hron (TJ Sokol Zbraslav)
The best scorer (stats): Dominik Pešek (Old Dogs Plzeň, 23 goals)
MVP of the tournament according to points (stats): Dominik Pešek (Old Dogs Plzeň, 29 points)
The best goalie: Tomáš Čekal (TJ Sokol Zbraslav)

The Frank Menschner Cup 2022 wil be held on September 1–3, 2022.

Covidové formality pro hráče i diváky

(scroll down for English) Na základě usnesení vlády č. 714 ze dne 19. srpna 2021 se smí hromadných akcí zúčastnit pouze účastníci, kteří doloží bezinfekčnost na covid-19. Jako organizátoři tedy musíme od všech účastníků, a to hráčů, pořadatelů i diváků požadovat předložení dokumentů, které to potvrzují. U hráčů dokumenty shromažďují manažeři týmů, příchozí diváci vč. dětí starších 6 let budou muset předložit doklad u pokladny při zakoupení vstupenky. Tímto dokladem (v papírové podobě nebo předložením potvrzení v elektronické aplikaci) může být:
– certifikát o RT-PCR vyšetření na přítomnost viru SARS-CoV-2 s negativním výsledkem ne starším než 7 dní,
– certifikát o POC testu na přítomnost antigenu viru SARS-CoV-2 s negativním výsledkem ne starším než 72 hodin,
– certifikát o očkování dokončeném minimálně před dvěma týdny,
– potvrzení o prodělání choroby covid-19 během posledních 180 dní,
– u nezletilých potvrzení o tom, že absolovovali ve škole nebo školském zařízení  podle jiného mimořádného opatření Ministerstva zdravotnictví nejdéle před 72 hodinami test na stanovení přítomnosti antigenu viru SARS-CoV-2, který je určen pro sebetestování nebo povolený Ministerstvem zdravotnictví k použití laickou osobou, s negativním výsledkem. Toto lze doložit i čestným prohlášením zákonného zástupce.

Dále prosíme o dodržování standardních hygienických opatření:
– dodržujte odstup od ostatních,
– minimalizujte kontakty,
– používejte desinfekci rukou.

Děkujeme za spolupráci a ohleduplnost a doufáme, že tato opatření zamezí šíření nákazy covid-19.

Based on the Czech Govermnent regulations no. 714 from August 19, 2021, only persons who prove their covid-19 noninfectivity are allowed to take part in mass events. Organizers therefore will require documents proving this from all participants – players, team members, spectators. Team managers collect players’ documentation, visitors including children over 6 years will have to present such document on entry to the venue when purchasing the ticket. Following documents (printed or displayed electronic version) are accepted:
– certificate of negative RT-PCR test not older than 7 days,
– certificate of negative POC test not older than 72 hours,
– certificate of vaccination completed at least 14 days earlier,
– document about going through covid-19 desease in last 180 days,
– for underaged persons certificate of negative school AG test not older than 72 hour, this can be substituted by parents’/chaperone’s declaration about such test.

We kindly ask you to follow basic anti-covid precautions:
– keep social distance,
– minimalize personal contacts,
– use hand desinfection.

Thank you for your co-operation and thoughtfulness. We hope that all these precautions will help to stop spreading of covid-19 disease.

Frank Menschner Cup 2021

We are looking forward to welcoming teams to the 6th Frank Menschner Cup on September 2–4, 2021. There are 13 teams registered already and we can accept more registrations by August 20, 2021.
Hopefully there will be no bad twist in covid-19 situation. European countries, USA and are considered save by Czech authorities. Check Czech Embassy in your country to get up-to-date information about entry conditions and check your country authorities about conditions for return.

LCC White are the Frank Menschner Cup 2020 Champions

Home LCC White defeated their club rivals LCC Red 12:10 in a dramatic and interesting final game. German team 1. BLC Köln took the bronze medals after their victory 6:3 over Old Dogs Plzeň.

Final standings
1. LCC White
2. LCC Red
3. 1. BLC Köln
4. Old Dogs Plzeň
5. TJ Malešice
6. Prague Sports
7. KAC Lacrosse
8. Polish Eagles
9. Orange Warriors
10. Fries & Cocks

Individual Awards
The best offensive player: Jan Fišer (Prague Sports)
The best defensive player: Tomáš Hájek (LCC White)
The best transition player: Leonard Nöring (1. BLC Köln)
The best scorer (stats): Jiří Košťál (LCC Red, 16 goals)
MVP of the tournament according to points (stats): Jiří Košťál (LCC Red, 16 goals + 8 assists)
The best goalie: Viktor Bláha (LCC Red)

LCC White, foto Marek Stor

LCC White & LCC Red, foto Marek Stor


Custodes Celebrate the 40th Anniversary

Lacrosse Club Custodes celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year and you can see an exhibition showing the club history during the Frank Menscher Cup. The author, Tonda Gottwald, collected enormous number of photos and materials from the club deep history. Do not miss the occassion to have a look.

We will publish old photos on-line in club website after the tournament.


Ten teams will compete in Frank Menschner Cup 2020

On Wednesday September 3, 2020 the 5th annual Frank Menschner Cup commences. Ten European teams will meet in LCC Radotín arena. FM Cup will be one of first event to be held after lifting up global anti-Covid-19 measeures but still deeply affected by this situation. Therefore there are no participants from overseas and English team Capitals had to withdraw from the tournament in tha last moment. Still we believe we will have an enjoyble event and it will be fun for everybody.

Radotín Youngsters Seized the 2019 Trophy

Young team LCC Wolves defeated their Czech rival TJ Malešice in the 2019 Frank Menschner Cup final and took the champions’ baton from Custodes. Members of Radotín elite team were spread on roasters of other teams and helped them to fight in many attractive and tight games.

Final standings:
1. LCC Wolves
2. TJ Malešice
3. Old Dogs Plzeň
4. Skalica Chiefs
5. KAC Lacrosse
6. Toronto Tigers
7. Glasgow Clydesiders
8. Caps Fries and Cocks
9. GSI Grizzlies
10. Non-Orbital Astronauts From Earth
11. Polish Eagles

Individual awards:
The best offensive player: Ondřej Podroužek (MAL)
The best defensive player: Matt Flapan (MAL)
The best transition player: Matěj Kresl (ODP)
The best scorer: Marek Loskot (SKC), Dominik Pešek (ODP) – 20 goals
MVP of the tournament according to points: Marek Loskot (SKC), Dominik Pešek (ODP) – 20 goals + 5 assists
The best goalie: Josef Slavík (LCC Wolves)

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